October 2018

Old Testament Gospel Genesis 5 – Hidden Message Genesis 5

If you are like many Bible readers, when you get to Genesis chapter 5, you likely read through the first eight verses and then realize that things are starting to repeat themselves. So-and-so, begat so-and-so, and had kids, and… next thing you know, you’ve skipped through most of the chapter reading nothing else but the last verse to see if anything different appears. And sure enough, there is Noah and his three sons and the start of the Flood story. …

Chuck Missler Genesis 5 – He challenged me and I challenge you

The Bible is clear on how to treat what you hear, on how to treat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you hear.

The Bible says… CHECK it out to MAKE SURE it’s true.

  • If it sounds fishy, check it out to clarify if it’s really true.
  • If it sounds good, check it out to confirm that it’s true.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, check it out to verify that it’s true.
  • If it’s Chuck Missler Genesis 5, check it out to make sure it’s true
    • and I know that he himself would agree, as he often reminded his audience “Don’t believe me”

The Reese Chronological Bible helps organize the library – Read Bible Chronological Order

My 1982 Edition received as a gift in 1989

If given the task, most of us would have a really difficult time organizing the Bible in chronological order. Our diagram would probably look like a poorly made spider’s web. On the other hand, many of us would love to be able to read the Bible in chronological order, that is, to be able to read the stories within the Bible as they relate to one another.

The Lord once again has provided our generation with several options in order to be able to do just that. This post will deal with the review of the Reese Chronological Bible. …

Reading through Bible chronologically will help your understanding of events

A few months ago, someone approached me and excitedly asked me, “Did you know that the Old Testament is not in chronological order?”. This person continued by sharing that they had just discovered that some of the prophets had actually lived during the time of the kings of Israel and of Judah.

The interesting thing is, that this person was not the first one to make this same comment to me. The books of the typical Bible Old Testament are not ordered chronologically, and this can be confusing to someone who doesn’t know, and maybe thinks, that events run chronologically from Genesis to Malachi. …

My iBible Digital Audio Bible Player – Read on the go with a Digital Bible Player

If you are too busy to READ the Bible on the go, you might be well served LISTENing to the Bible on the go. Even though reading from a book has its advantages in absorbing and retaining information, hearing also has its own advantages. If you don’t have the time to read the Bible, you certainly have time to listen to the Bible. The My iBible Digital Audio Bible Player might just be the device you need to get you going.

Even if you already have a good reading schedule established, you might also consider mixing your reading of the Scripture and your listening to the Scripture. You might be surprised at what you pick up by hearing someone else read the passages. This Digital Bible Player might just be the device you need to keep on going and provide added value to your Bible reading. …

The Picture Bible color your reading with some fun

Picture Bible – Hardcover

There is nothing like having a little fun while learning, and the Picture Bible provides exactly that. As you read through it, you will learn a lot about many of the exciting stories found in the Bible.

Picture Bible color, action, adventure.

Read what others are saying about the Picture Bible (scroll to the bottom of the linked page for independent reviews).

The Bible is not a Comic Book

You are absolutely right, the Bible is not a comic book, it is the Word of God. …

Best Bible verses to memorize – Theme of the Bible

Many people enjoy memorizing verses that help them feel good, or that can serve as encouragement to them or others, or to get them through difficult times in their lives. I would agree that picking verses along those lines is a good idea. But before going there, I would like to present to you what I think are the best Bible verses to memorize. …

What is the Christian Gospel: The Good News

What is the Christian Gospel? The Christian Gospel is based on the message presented in the Bible. It presents a problem, and reveals the solution. The solution is Christ and life, and that’s the good news.

We are often very wary when we receive an offer that seems too good to be
true. We’ve been burned one too many times to fall for yet another scam.
The good news part of the Gospel definitely falls into the “seems too
good to be true category” but with a twist… it’s really true and it’s
really good. …

Memorizing Scripture – Short Bible Verses

As you begin to establish your Daily Bible Reading Plan, you will come across many interesting verses. Some verses will make you pause and think, other verses will encourage you, some verses will even convict you, and other verses will stimulate you. Memorizing those verses is a good way to continue thinking about those verses and letting those verses work in your life.