The Picture Bible color your reading with some fun

Picture Bible – Hardcover

There is nothing like having a little fun while learning, and the Picture Bible provides exactly that. As you read through it, you will learn a lot about many of the exciting stories found in the Bible.

Picture Bible color, action, adventure.

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The Bible is not a Comic Book

You are absolutely right, the Bible is not a comic book, it is the Word of God.

Consider this: the Gospel is not history, is not prophecies, is not miracles, is not parables, and is not visions. Yet, the Creator used every one of those mediums to communicate His message of Salvation to mankind. I would say that He as an author is pretty resourceful in using whatever medium is available to transmit His message.

There was a time (and still exists in some parts of the world) when having possession of a Bible was a punishable offense. There was also a time when it was impossible for someone to read the Bible unless they knew Latin. In our day and age, we have been blessed with the large variety of Bibles available in over 600 languages. It is something for which to thank the Lord that His message can be distributed in so many ways.

If you are looking for a Bible with which to study, or from which to memorize verses, this is not the one for you. But if you are looking for a Bible that will help you navigate through many of the stories found in the Bible in a captivating way, this one will do the trick.

Attractive Medium for Kids (of All Ages)

The original Picture Bible was published in 1978. Read a bit more here.

As with many “new” products, there were plenty of reviews when it hit the bookstores. And the reviews were at both ends of the spectrum, ranging from “blasphemy” to “genius”. As time passed, and the novelty faded, the reviews continued to be varied. Over the last 40 years, the Picture Bible has found its way into the hands of thousands, and many can look back to their childhood and remember having a Picture Bible of their own.

I have friends who would never pick up a “regular” Bible to read it, but always had their noses in their Picture Bible. Some of my Sunday School mates would bring their Picture Bible to Sunday School because it was THEIR Bible. And if you ask around, it is not just the kids who like to pick it up and read it, it’s the adults too.

Picture Bible Review – Adult

The presentation has a real comic book feel to it, and the stories are told in an action packed way. Once you start reading through it, it really is hard to put it down. At the very least, this book summarizes some of the most enticing stories of the Bible in a most enjoyable way.

I often wonder how the Israelite parents would have answered their children when they asked them about the Passover Lamb, or when they asked them about the stones that were left as a witness to the crossing of the Jordan River. Would the parents have answered “matter of fact”? or, Would they have taken the time to describe in great detail the wonders God had done for His people? If you time traveled back and walked through the neighbourhoods, you would probably recognize that some of the children were imitating those events as they played. You would probably be right, if you figured that those kids had received a vivid and action packed account of the Passover night, and of the Jordan river crossing.

My Personal Experience

I can’t remember for sure, but I am pretty confident that I read through my Picture Bible before I read through my KJV Bible. I remember reading through the stories and enjoying the graphics that helped bring them to life. Even years later, I would pick it up from my bookshelf and browse through it, captivated by the illustrations.

I don’t know where My Picture Bible is now, and I’m not even sure when I lost track of it. But as I remember the hours sprawled out on the floor, or on the couch, or on my bed, reading it, it is a little nostalgic.

Picture Bible Review – Kids

Jumping Point

No one would suggest that the Picture Bible should be used as a translation to be read in Church services, nor be used in the public preaching of the Gospel, nor be used as a text in Seminary School. I think if you asked the author and the artist, they would confirm that it was never their intention for the Picture Bible to be used in that way.

Picture Bible – Hardcover

What you will find, is that the Picture Bible has stimulated the interest of many a child towards the Word of God. I think that the author and the artist did well to recognize a trend in society where visual stimulation was being promoted in all aspects of life. A trend that, to this day, has continued, and has stimulated others to try to share the Word of God through plays, videos and action movies.

Many adults have told me that they have read the Bible, but still do not really understand what it is all about. Many adults have also confessed, to never having read the entire Bible, and admit that they are not familiar with many of the Bible stories. Imagine how the Picture Bible could be a help to you if you find yourself in this group. It might just be the spark you need to start reading and enjoying the Bible again.

Action Point: grab a copy

  1. Did you have and a Picture Bible? Please share your experience in the comments below.
  2. Great to use as a GIFT for that special child in your life.
  3. Great to use as an “ITEM of INTEREST” on your coffee table for your visitors.
  4. Great to use as a PRIZE or REWARD in Sunday School or VBS.
Picture Bible Review – Sunday School

Picture Bible Details:

The Picture Bible, Hardcover
By Iva Hoth / David C CookFor years, young and old have delighted in the full-color illustrated presentation of timeless Bible stories. Laid out in a kid-friendly, comic book-style format, The Picture Bible is a perfect first Bible for young readers. Inside they’ll find “Did you know?” fact pages, time line, story listing, maps, and more. There are 233 stories with accompanying action pictures that will come alive for hours of family reading enjoyment. Younger children can follow the colorful pictures and storyline without having to read every word. Recommended for ages 8 to 12.Retail: $19.99
Publisher: David C. Cook
Year Published: 1998


8 thoughts on “The Picture Bible color your reading with some fun”

  1. Great review thanks for sharing!

    The first and hardest hurdle to cross is getting the young ones to connect and then engage with what they are learning. This type of resource is fantastic for this, and like you said it really does help bring the content to life in a big way!

    Thanks again.

    1. Excellent observation and thanks for sharing.
      Once a child can relate to the topic, it does make it easier for them to take initiative in their own learning.
      Any tools parents can use to help send them on their way is a blessing.

  2. As a former storyboard artist for film and television and a person who has undergone a year of spiritual evolvement, I think it to be quite serendipitous and a genuinely good feel to have come across this post. I think telling stories visually allows us to process information using more parts of our brain so we digest the information more profoundly and I think that if you are to choose to educate yourself about the contents of the Holy Bible then what better way to do with a visual bright comic book narrative. I know that as a child, I was much more receptive to learning if the content came in comic book form. A very creative approach indeed!!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and I’m glad you were able to benefit from reading the post.
      I think a good portion of the general population are visual learners and providing the proper tools for effective stimulation is key.
      I remember when I was in Middle School going through history class; memorizing dates, events, people. Definitely not my thing.
      But our teacher did something very effective that to this day I still remember details, events and locations.
      On Friday afternoons, she would put on a movie, but not just any movie. It was a documentary called “The National Dream” by Pierre Burton.
      It was maybe more of a docudrama and it went through the history of building the railroad across Canada. It was only about a 1/2 hour per week, but was it ever effective. It was literally the highlight of the week (of all of our classes), and allowed me to actually begin to enjoy history.
      And as I look back, it is probably what started changing my perspective on how I view history, I actually like studying it now.
      Visual learning… rocks.

  3. Our children attend a church school and know more about the Bible than me! They love their picture Bibles and sometimes ask for them to be their bedtime stories. They were Christening gifts, which they enjoy reading and looking at the pictures.

    1. Excellent news and thank you for sharing. Whoever gave them those Picture Bibles as a gift has the right idea about sharing the Bible with kids.
      Your children are benefiting from those Picture Bibles, and thinking about it, reading to them at bedtime will help you learn more about the Bible too.
      It is remarkable how quickly children learn and retain what they are taught. You are making a good decision by sending them to a Church school.
      “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

  4. Great review! I had something like this when my daughter was a child (The bible in pictures for little eyes). Children seem so open to ‘seeing’ the bible as much as hearing, and that leads to asking questions 🙂

    I was wondering why you said “No one would suggest that the Picture Bible should be used as a translation to be read in Church services”. I would think that tons of people could benefit from that. Maybe not every week, but God can use anything to bring His children back to him…even if they are not kids anymore.

    Some biblical concepts can be a challenge to understand, and especially now that the melting pot of society is growing constantly. A picture bible may be just the thing to help someone come to know God. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Interesting comment and certainly food for thought.
      One of the reasons I would not use the Picture Bible as a translation to be read in a Church service, is that the Picture Bible in and of itself is not a translation. There is some poetic liberty and story enhancements, and details introduced into the story-line that are not actually part of the Biblical text. They are used to make the story flow in the comic book context.
      Having said that, to use the Picture Bible as a visual aid, it could certainly serve a purpose. I just would not use it as a primary text.
      When I do Bible teaching, I often use PowerPoint and include pictures to help illustrate certain aspects of the story or teaching we are covering. Visual aids are definitely an asset. I would not be opposed to using illustrations from the Picture Bible to help visualize a particular story I am covering in a Study.

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