November 2018

God’s 24 Hour Day: the Accuracy of Time

Some people who criticize the authenticity of the Bible point to the inaccuracies of telling time as evidence that the Bible has contradictions, therefore invalidating it as a reliable text. In this post I will introduce why the inaccuracy of time telling in the Scriptures is actually evidence to the contrary, showing that the Scriptures are authentically reliable.

Before continuing to read this post, I would like for you to consider the following scenario.

God’s 24 hour day: Details of the Night and Day

The common day is shifted six hours from God’s 24 hour day established in Genesis 1:5.

This is the second post of a series that looks at God’s 24-hour day. This post addresses how the hours of the day and night are described and understood in the Scriptures. Click here to read the first post called God’s 24-hour day according to Genesis 1:5 – God’s Time Clock to see how the common day is shifted 6 hours from God’s 24 hour day.

God’s 24 hour day according to Genesis 1:5 – God’s time clock

What is God’s 24 hour day and why does it matter? How was God’s time clock set in motion according to Genesis 1:5?

When reading through the Bible, there are stories dealing with time that don’t really make sense if we think about it in the sense of what we know as the common day. Sometimes, the order of events and the time of day do not seem to be what we would consider to be normal. There are also occasions where one Biblical author mentions an event as occurring at a specified time, while another author seems to indicate a contradictory time.

Best of Bibles for Kids – Start them out strong on their Bible Reading Journey

I remember as a kid sitting around in a home Bible study group and reading the Bible for what seemed like hours at a time.

Children’s Bible available at Christian Books

Truth be told, the longest reading sessions probably only lasted an hour, but as a kid, it felt like an eternity. It wasn’t that I didn’t like reading, nor that I was bored. It’s just that as a kid, well, there were a few more exciting things to do in the evenings than sit around reading the Bible. I had my own full Bible given to me as a gift. It was the whole thing, from Genesis to Revelation. I read it, when in a group or at church. But when I alone, there was another Bible that captivated me, and had me reading even when there were more exciting things to do in my spare time. …

Chuck Missler Learn Bible 24 hours – Product Review

Is there a specific event or a moment in time in your life that served as a turning point for you? Something that helped you see things in a different light, or stimulated you in a way you had never been stimulated before, or cleared up some doubts or concerns you might have had? Likely most of us can remember a few turning point moments in our lives that have helped shape us, and lead us to where we are today.

216928: Learn the Bible in 24 Hours DVDThe Chuck Missler Learn Bible 24 hours video presentation, that I watched back in 2010, was such an event for me. It was the moment I realized that what I was discovering in the Bible was not “off”, nor “weird”, nor “unique”. Many times during my years of Bible study, I had discovered something interesting or different, but had decided to hold it in, or to suppress it, or to ignore it. I did it because it didn’t “fit” with what I had been taught, and bottom line, I didn’t want to rock the boat. …

Searching the Scriptures, Finding the Jewels, Sharing the Treasure

What is this website all about? First, I encourage you to read About Mitch to find out how I got to where I am.

Searching the Scriptures has been a passion of mine for a number of years. Once I started Finding the Jewels, I wanted to find more. Having accumulated innumerable tidbits of interesting factoids, information and truths from the Word of God, I am using this website for Sharing the Treasure that I have found, with you. …

Three Days and Three Nights: Literally, Three Days and Three Nights

In this post I will lay out what I have discovered to be the perfect fit for the sign of “three days and three nights” that Jesus left to those asked Him for “one more sign”. When He spoke of three days and three nights, it is literally what He meant, three literal complete days and three literal and complete nights. No more and no less. …

Meaning Names Genesis 5 – I didn’t believe it at first

When we were in the process of choosing names for our daughters, we checked out baby name books, we made a list, and reviewed it, and added some names, and crossed some out. We said them out loud, and we wrote them down. Out of curiosity, we even checked out the meaning of names we liked. We finally decide on a first name and then a second name that my wife and I were both happy with. Likely a similar process as to what many parents to be go through when they are expecting the birth of a child. …

Three Days and Three Nights: Every Jot and Tittle

Recall what the Lord Jesus Christ told the multitudes in Matthew 5:18: “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” Most of us looking at Hebrew characters, would not even notice a jot or a tittle. We would probably see it is a small ink blot and think nothing of it. The reference Jesus uses here, emphasizes that He came to fulfill every single last detail of the law and that nothing would remain incomplete. With regards to the three days and three nights, it also applies. …