Hidden Messages

Bible Truth Revealed – A Direct Transmission from God to you

Have you ever wondered if the Bible can be trusted? Have you ever asked yourself how (or if…) the Bible’s message was transmitted accurately from generation to generation?

Direct Transmission for a clear message

Reality teaches us the principle that “the further away you get from the source, the more distorted the message becomes”. Check out this article on Wikipedia describing the children’s game known as “telephone” that illustrates how true this is.

Is it not logical for someone to question whether the Bible has been affected in this way? Are some of its stories exaggerated, or are some details affected by the passing of time?

Meaning Names Genesis 5 – I didn’t believe it at first

When we were in the process of choosing names for our daughters, we checked out baby name books, we made a list, and reviewed it, and added some names, and crossed some out. We said them out loud, and we wrote them down. Out of curiosity, we even checked out the meaning of names we liked. We finally decide on a first name and then a second name that my wife and I were both happy with. Likely a similar process as to what many parents to be go through when they are expecting the birth of a child. …

Old Testament Gospel Genesis 5 – Hidden Message Genesis 5

If you are like many Bible readers, when you get to Genesis chapter 5, you likely read through the first eight verses and then realize that things are starting to repeat themselves. So-and-so, begat so-and-so, and had kids, and… next thing you know, you’ve skipped through most of the chapter reading nothing else but the last verse to see if anything different appears. And sure enough, there is Noah and his three sons and the start of the Flood story. …

Chuck Missler Genesis 5 – He challenged me and I challenge you

The Bible is clear on how to treat what you hear, on how to treat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you hear.

The Bible says… CHECK it out to MAKE SURE it’s true.

  • If it sounds fishy, check it out to clarify if it’s really true.
  • If it sounds good, check it out to confirm that it’s true.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, check it out to verify that it’s true.
  • If it’s Chuck Missler Genesis 5, check it out to make sure it’s true
    • and I know that he himself would agree, as he often reminded his audience “Don’t believe me”